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Polar Express!

Last weekend, we drove up to Williams to go on the Polar Express with the Persons Clan. We had to much fun! First, we had dinner all together in the Polar Express Cafe. Then, we all got in our matching PJ's. The Persons had Naughty and Nice Pajamas, the Painters had Cardinals Pajamas, the Jarman's had Pirate Pajamas, and we had NAU Pajamas (fitting, right?!) Then, we boarded the Polar Express. The ride there was pretty calm. All of the little ones, and I, were very excited to just be on the train! Then we arrived to the North Pole. There was a little village outside that was lit up for the kids to see, and SANTA! He sat outside and waved to all of the kids. Then we sang Christmas carols. Then Santa made a surprise entrance and handed out bells from his sleigh to all the kids. We continued to enjoy our hot chocolate and cookies and Christmas carols on the way back. My favorite carol, which is actually my least favorite normally, was 12 Days of Christmas. This time, all the guys had to sing "5 GOLDEN RINGS!" really loud in their manly voices. It was so much fun to watch!

The next day we all went to Bearizona. It was like a zoo, but you drive through the park to see all of the animals. All of the animals come around your car and you get to see them up close! It was so cool to see!

Catch Up Post #2

Within two weeks of each other, both families came up here to camp. It was really nice to be able to go back and forth with work and still see them on their vacation! Unfortunately, I don't have any picture from the Persons camping trip and few from the Bennett camping trip since my battery died. At the Bennett camping trip, we celebrated Logan's 3rd Birthday! He's growing up!
I was in charge of finding the cake since it would be easier for me to transport. I went to Bash's in search for a Toy Story cake. Of course, they didn't have one. But a nice kid that didn't even work back there decorated his first cake just for us! It actually looked pretty good from him trying to throw it together!

Catch Up Post #!

Now that finals are over, I finally have time to make some updates to our blog! Sorry for the lack of Persons Updates!

Our good friend Micah and Retosha came up to visit us right before school started. It was so much fun! Although we were busy with job interviews, we still had time to have some fun!

We also got a great visit from my mother-in-law and brother and sister in-law. We were able to go fishing at Lake Mary and enjoy the beautiful Flagstaff weather!


Our Humble Abode

This is a long awaited post by many family members! We are finally getting to post pictures of our first place. We are living in Flagstaff on NAU's Campus in the Family Housing Apartments. It's so much fun! We've already met a few friends.
We were lucky enough to spend all day Tuesday with my family. We went on a really awesome hike, walked campus, and much more! We can't wait for some of Scott's family to come up next weekend and our friends Micah and Retosha to come up this Sunday. It's going to be a blast!

I'm really proud of Scott and I. Because we lived with his parents for 4 months, we were able to save up and buy furniture for our apartment that we love and will use for a long time. Thank you Dale and Nona for helping us achieve our goal!


Just Some Thoughts...

It hit me today while Scott has been at work how crazy the passed year has been. So many ups and downs, so many twists and turns, and some days that just throw me for loops making my stomach miserably upset. One thing is for sure, I have definitely learned that our Heavenly Father is in charge, and he knows what's best. If we trust in Him, all will work out.

I have met my very best friend this passed year. A year ago next month. Of course, at first we were only friends. This is both what we needed, both getting through serious passed relationships. I am so glad we made it through those rough times and are where we are today. I love him more and more every day. I respect him more than anyone else I have ever known. He's there for me when times are good, when times are tough, and when I'm just plain awful. He lets me cry in his shoulder, has taught me to dance when I'm happy, and just plain be silly and fun (no matter what people think!) All in all, he's wonderful. And he's mine for eternity.

I've watched one of my best friends battle cancer, I was able to go through the temple, we were sealed to my youngest brother, welcomed a new sister in law to the family, been on many fun filled family vacations, and most importantly... had our prayers answered time and time again.

In less than two weeks we are moving to Flagstaff. My anxiety is kicking in and only few know how bad I let anxiety defeat me. I'm excited for a change and to go to the school I have always loved. I can't wait for Scott and I to have our first place. But I've grown so close to Scott's family. We see his parents daily. And to be honest, I don't want to give up seeing them so often. I hate that we won't see my family often either. I am going to miss seeing Logan and Jacob grow up. I'll miss seeing my other siblings and I can't bare the thought of seeing my parents less than I already do. AND PEOPLE, WE ARE ONLY MOVING TWO HOURS AWAY!! But I'm worried work and school will get to us and our trips home will lessen. By golly, I can do this.

For now... I am going to pack, thank Heavenly Father for the path he has chosen for me and my husband, and push through the hard times.



Our photographer just posted some pictures and a slide show of our wedding on her blog. Go here to see our session! We love them and hope you do too!


Time To Start Building

Alright, thanks to my Boss, we have a new favorite website! Visit Knock Off Wood to see why we like it!

Yay knock off Pottery Barn that WE can make for ourselves!!


Our New Adventure

It's time for us to start the next chapter of our lives! And we are so excited! We are moving up to...

where we will both be going to school full time, and living HERE!!! Our very own house!

JUST KIDDING... we'll be living on campus in family housing, living poor, and loving life! We can wait for our own space. We have enjoyed living with Dale and Nona, but call me silly... I can't wait to use my own dishes, decorate as much as we can in a dorm, walk around the house naked if I want to, scrub my own floors, the whole experience!

We'll be moving up the end of July or the beginning of August! We can't wait!