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Wouldn't it be nice...

My family spent the day (and will be there the rest of the week) in Hawaii

I spent the day in Marketing 303


Diaper Cakes

Need a fun idea for a baby shower? This is my new favorite! Diaper Cakes!

Here is how I do it:

Find a base. For the large diaper cake, I used a ceramic tile that I got from Home Depot. For the smaller ones, I found pizza cutting boards on clearance at Target.

Find a "stem". For the larger one, I used PVC pipe. For the smaller one, I used a wooden dowel. Hot glue your stem to your base. A strong base and stem makes or breaks the cake.

Find your diapers! Pick any brand and any size.

Rubber bands are key! I use clear hair ties for the diapers. Roll each diaper and keep them together with a clear rubber band. Place the diapers around the stem. After each layer, put a large rubber band to keep them together. Do that with each layer until you think it's big enough. Then move to the next tier.

Pick your ribbon. Tie ribbon around each tier to hide the rubber band.

Pick a topper. I've used a teddy bear and flowers.

I've seen a lot of diaper cakes that have baby items around the sides (pacifiers, teething rings, etc). It just depends how much money you want to spend!

250 Size 1 Huggies

50 Size 3 Huggies

50 Size 3 Huggies


Making Room for Baby!

Since we are making the office the nursery, we needed to find some place in our tiny dorm apartment for our computer. Scott found this adorable desk online at World Market. I fell in love with it, and he surprised me and took me to get it! We are almost done clearing out the room so we can decorate for the baby!

I'm so glad Scott put it together, there were so many pieces!


Goodbye Elder Sharp!

I always tease Scott for this, but it is really one of the things I LOVE about him. Every time the missionary sign up sheet comes around in primary (once a month), Scott will open that Relief Society Binder so fast, and flip the pages straight to the missionary calendar. He is always so excited to have them over for dinner. Because of this, the missionaries are always calling us if they don't have a dinner appointment, they need a ride somewhere, or if they need a glass of water. Scott even cuts their hair!

We have gotten really close to the last companionship, Elder Sharp and Elder Jeskie. Elder Jeskie gets to stay another transfer, but it was time to say goodbye to Elder Sharp. We will miss him!


Introducing Ryan Bradley Persons!


Why Ryan Bradley Persons?

Ryan: Scott's middle name

Bradley: Brad Henderson is one of the most amazing guys we know. When he and his wife weren't able to have children, he treated Scott as his own son. He went on nearly every hunting trip (still does), let Scott help build his home, and still is part of our lives. So... why not Bradley?!

Persons: It's a tradition! 


Las Vegas

For my 21st Birthday, Scott and I went to Vegas with his parents. We had so much fun! We went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Beatles Love. It was AMAZING! 

We also went shopping on the strip, the outlet malls, and saw the Shark Exhibit at the Madalay Bay. 
I had such a fun birthday, and had a blast taking pictures with my new birthday camera. 

Thanks Scott for planning such a fun trip for me!

They had a moment...

 They even put me in the fish tank!