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First Snow Fall In Flagstaff

Last night, we went to bed to rain, and woke up to snow! I love seeing the pines covered in snow, we are so blessed to live in Flagstaff. We are even more blessed to only live here for about three years... ;)

Scott and his friends are playing football in the snow right now. They are crazy!


Happy Halloween!

October in Flagstaff is beautiful! Our leaves are changing colors and it's cold outside! 

For Halloween, we had a few friends over for chili, cornbread, and pie! We had a lot of fun!


2nd Annual Bennett Pumpkin Carving Contest

Kevin, Jessica, and Ethan's

Tyler and Tatum's

Amber and Bret's

Scott and I

Kylie and Jacob

 Whitney and Logan (Whitney)

And the winner is... Whitney and Logan!


This past week, I was able to surprise Scott with a trip to Utah to see his friend Trevor and old mission companion Fred. It was so much fun to see his reaction! We had a blast and were able to do a lot in Temple Square. I didn't bring my camera to a lot of the places, but here are some pictures from our trip!



Ethan Bennett

Welcome to the family, Ethan Bennett!
7 lbs 15 oz

Kevin and Jessica had their baby last Wednesday, October 12th. I am so excited, and I know that they are going to be AMAZING parents. 


Wouldn't it be nice...

My family spent the day (and will be there the rest of the week) in Hawaii

I spent the day in Marketing 303


Diaper Cakes

Need a fun idea for a baby shower? This is my new favorite! Diaper Cakes!

Here is how I do it:

Find a base. For the large diaper cake, I used a ceramic tile that I got from Home Depot. For the smaller ones, I found pizza cutting boards on clearance at Target.

Find a "stem". For the larger one, I used PVC pipe. For the smaller one, I used a wooden dowel. Hot glue your stem to your base. A strong base and stem makes or breaks the cake.

Find your diapers! Pick any brand and any size.

Rubber bands are key! I use clear hair ties for the diapers. Roll each diaper and keep them together with a clear rubber band. Place the diapers around the stem. After each layer, put a large rubber band to keep them together. Do that with each layer until you think it's big enough. Then move to the next tier.

Pick your ribbon. Tie ribbon around each tier to hide the rubber band.

Pick a topper. I've used a teddy bear and flowers.

I've seen a lot of diaper cakes that have baby items around the sides (pacifiers, teething rings, etc). It just depends how much money you want to spend!

250 Size 1 Huggies

50 Size 3 Huggies

50 Size 3 Huggies