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Just Some Thoughts...

It hit me today while Scott has been at work how crazy the passed year has been. So many ups and downs, so many twists and turns, and some days that just throw me for loops making my stomach miserably upset. One thing is for sure, I have definitely learned that our Heavenly Father is in charge, and he knows what's best. If we trust in Him, all will work out.

I have met my very best friend this passed year. A year ago next month. Of course, at first we were only friends. This is both what we needed, both getting through serious passed relationships. I am so glad we made it through those rough times and are where we are today. I love him more and more every day. I respect him more than anyone else I have ever known. He's there for me when times are good, when times are tough, and when I'm just plain awful. He lets me cry in his shoulder, has taught me to dance when I'm happy, and just plain be silly and fun (no matter what people think!) All in all, he's wonderful. And he's mine for eternity.

I've watched one of my best friends battle cancer, I was able to go through the temple, we were sealed to my youngest brother, welcomed a new sister in law to the family, been on many fun filled family vacations, and most importantly... had our prayers answered time and time again.

In less than two weeks we are moving to Flagstaff. My anxiety is kicking in and only few know how bad I let anxiety defeat me. I'm excited for a change and to go to the school I have always loved. I can't wait for Scott and I to have our first place. But I've grown so close to Scott's family. We see his parents daily. And to be honest, I don't want to give up seeing them so often. I hate that we won't see my family often either. I am going to miss seeing Logan and Jacob grow up. I'll miss seeing my other siblings and I can't bare the thought of seeing my parents less than I already do. AND PEOPLE, WE ARE ONLY MOVING TWO HOURS AWAY!! But I'm worried work and school will get to us and our trips home will lessen. By golly, I can do this.

For now... I am going to pack, thank Heavenly Father for the path he has chosen for me and my husband, and push through the hard times.