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Newborn Pictures

Jen Garbett ( from Photojenic Photography, and a dear friend, was able to take Ryan's newborn pictures. I love how they turned out!


Our Little Guy

I don't think these pictures need any captions... they speak for themselves!


Welcome Ryan Bradley Persons!

Although Ryan didn't make his appearance simple... he made it into the world healthy and strong! 

Our first visit was to the hospital on Friday, January 13th. I had very strong contractions all day long. Then, I had the worst back pain I had ever felt! So... Scott and I packed up (we weren't ready at all!) and went to the hospital. They kept me over night to see how I would progress. The next morning the doctor came in. I was 4 cm dialated. They got out the papers that said "Baby Persons", his blanket, and his newborn hat. We were so excited! After walking the halls all day, I hadn't progressed. Scott and I made the decision to go home. For the next week, we walked the soccer fields, I walked laps in the pool, we walked the mall, I basically never stopped walking! 

On Wednesday, I was sick to my stomach. I had a fever, and didn't feel well at all. The worst part... I hadn't felt Ryan move in hours. I called my doctor, and she sent me to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. After an hour long ultra-sound, monitoring of me and the baby, and much more precautionary measures, they sent us home. All was well.

On Thursday, I was still very sick. Scott and I were running errands when my contractions became unbearable... again! I told Scott I was going to stay in the truck while he went into the grocery store. While I was in the truck, I started to sob. I called the doctor's office and asked if I could come into the office to get checked so I wouldn't have to go to the hospital just to be sent home. After talking to the nurse, she wanted me to go take a hot bath for an hour and see if my contractions slowed. Well... they didn't. 

We went to the hospital. Again.

The result: 4 cm dilated. 

Finally they figured out what was going on. 

There was an infection in the placenta which was making my labor begin but the fever was keeping me from progressing.

The next morning, the doctor came in. She "accidentally" broke my water, and we were finally progressing!

At 38 weeks and after two hours of pushing... Ryan Bradley Persons is finally here! 8lb. 10 oz. and 19 1/4". Born at 10:50 AM on January 20th.

Because Ryan had a fever when he was born, he spent the next few days in the NICU. It was very difficult, but after many tears, Scott, Ryan, and I got through it!

Since he was very healthy and gigantic, the nurses in the NICU called him "The Linebacker"!

It was hard to see him with all the monitors and his IV, but he was a tough little guy!

I am so lucky to be a mom. I never imagined I would love him as much as I do. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband who is even a better father. I am so blessed to have a healthy, happy, beautiful son.


Baby Shower

The world's greatest sisters in law and mother in law through me a baby shower. I was amazed by how many came to show their love and support!

Thank you Jaime, Loni, and Nona for organizing it all. It really was amazing and I had so much fun!

Unfortunately, because of the posts ^above, I haven't gotten thank-you cards out. Coming to a mailbox near you... eventually.