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Merry Christmas

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year and we hope you did too!
Trying to combine our Christmas traditions this year was a little tough. Good thing it was just practice for the real deal next year! We were very busy, but enjoyed the time we spent with all of our family.

Our Christmas festivities started early Christmas Eve morning. We were able to spend time at Scott's grandparents with his sisters and their families.

Later that night, we headed over to my house for my family Christmas Party. My Dad's side does things a little different. I love it! Instead of buying gifts for eachother, we draw names and make home-made gifts. It's so neat to see what everyone comes up with!

I wasn't able to finish Scott's rag blanket, haha. I had no idea it would take that long to cut! It WILL be finished by tomorrow. Hopefully...

Scott was given the last minute assignment to make cork guns for my cousin, JJ. He did an amazing job! JJ loved them!
Christmas day was mostly spent with our own familes. It was nice to enjoy our last Christmas home! Thank you everyone for the nice gifts we received!

We are very blessed to both have such amazing families. We can't wait for the upcoming year!


We're Engaged!

Scott and I got engaged on December 13, 2009. We are so excited for the adventure we have ahead of us!
I knew the engagement was going to happen. However, he definitely surprised me! We spent the entire day together. We played boche ball, made a gingerbread house, watched a movie, and had dinner with his parents.

He invited me out to the firepit (we love it out there!) to open one of my "12 days of Christmas" presents. I assumed it was a movie...boy was I wrong. He had made me a book off of Heritage Makers. It was adorable! The book was filled with pictures of us. On some of the pages, it asked questions that he had to answer (what were his favorite memories, what he liked about me the most...). I started to figure it out on the second to last page. He wrote a whole page on our future, and how excited he was to spend it with me. No wonder he's been breathing so hard! The last page had a picture of the Mesa Temple, my ring, and said "Will You Marry Me?". As I finished reading that, I looked at him as he knelt on one knee and pulled out the ring. His line was classic. "So, Lindsay. What do you say? Will you marry me?"
I am BEYOND thrilled to be sealed to Scott for eternity. I have never been so happy. He is my best friend and I wouldn't change that for the world!

We are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together. We know the road ahead of us is not always smooth, but with the help of one another, we can do anything.

March 5th could not come fast enough!

I love my ring! He took this picture of the ring before he even proposed. I think he loves it too :)