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Life was finally getting back to our new normal, so we decided to take Ryan for his first day trip. We went down to Sedona and visited all the shops. We had a blast!



After Ryan's blessing, my cousin and his family stayed for a couple days. We did lots of things, including Bearizona!


Blessing Day

Thank you everyone who was able to come to Ryan's blessing.

I remember as a teenage girl, watching the mothers on their child's blessing day. They always looked so happy and so in love. There was a special peace that was with them. I couldn't wait for the day where I was that mother.

As a mother, there IS that peaceful feeling. I was so in love with Scott for being worthy and having the desire to give our son that special blessing. I was so in love with my father, father in law, brothers, and brothers in law for being worthy priesthood holders to stand in the circle in support of my new son. I was just simply in love.