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Fathers Day

I am so lucky to have two wonderful fathers in my life. 

My Dad
Not only has my dad always been there for me, but he is a wonderful grandpa to my children. He set such a high standard for any man I would marry. I knew, because of his example, I wanted someone who would be the most loving father to our children. I saw the way he loved my mom, and I wanted someone who loved me just the same. He is a hard worker, a loving dad, a provider, a friend, he's my dad.

Scott is everything I could ask for and more. I love to watch him with Ryan. He plays with him, talks to him, and is already teaching him. I know Scott is going to do wonders with our children. He will teach them the gospel, show them how to love our Savior through his example, and show them how to love. I am so thankful for a man in my life that will be my partner through thick and thin in this thing called parenthood. Love him.

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